In 2020 AussieGuy92 joined Altspace and within his first month began documenting the platform and created a website to assist Altspace users. AussieGuy92 created EverythingAltspace.com to create a dedicated website to ‘Everything Altspace’ to centralised documentation that was being mixed with other VR platform information on AussieGuy’s website over recent months.

Moving forward with lessons learnt from the past, AussieGuy92 built EverythingAltspace.com to remove the personal branding associated which allows room for other creators to contribute to the ideas of a help site for AltspaceVR. Additionally, to improve the coordination of the onboarding between users assisting other users. Our goal is to have a lasting website that showcases the best of AltspaceVR and brings the collective minds of the community to one place.

What is AltspaceVR?

AltspaceVR is a social VR app available on PC, Mac and VR headsets including Oculus Quest 2 & the Quest Pro. Once you are signed up you can start attending events and mingling with other users in the public and private worlds.

Day-to-day users typically sign on and go to their own personal world, invite their friends in for a huddle and spawn a portal to an event together. They go onwards to meet up with other friends. Some users spend time building their worlds using the world editor tool and build by day, and party by night on Altspace.

If offers such a different social VR experience than any of the leading social VR platforms out there that AltspaceVR feels like a hidden gem of the Metaverse. Although the platform isn’t perfect, it is a fantastic platform for creators with new ideas to launch, to test ideas and concepts as well as connect your existing brand to the Metaverse.

A neutral voice for the community

EverythingAltspace.com or as an ‘entity’ operates with neutrality and without discrimination towards users of Altspace including creators and event hosts. Content shared by ‘Everything Altspace’ will be done in good faith and in an unbias way and offer equal opportunities to all for visibility and promotion.

Supporting AltspaceVR & Microsoft

With the future of AltspaceVR and in general VR being uncertain, at times there can be frustrations and differences of opinion. Although there will be personal views and opinions shared by contributed to this website we stand on the neutral line to educate users on changes and help users navigate unexpected changes with a positive outlook. Our goal is to help build brand confidence and stability for future investors and users to see the full potential of the platform.

Being a community-ran website does offer some challenges which are why we are always looking for the most passionate Altspacers to assist in creating AltspaceVR a better place.