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Addiction MRE

Custom Avatar Creation

Pricing is from $55 USD while some heavy custom made outfits is charged from $110 USD and orders can be expedited for an additional $55 USD.

Ryu's Personal Collection

Note: Due to the massive amount of orders and to provide a prompt service, Ryuuzaki is not taking non-expedited orders until further notice.



Addiction MRE Creator & Altspace Community Helper

For purchase and enquiries contact Ryuuzaki on Instagram.

Using the Addiction MRE

The MRE code is required to be shared by Ryu himself and has to be spawned via World Editor > Mine > SDK Apps > Addiction MRE.

Using the URI/URL code by copy/paste methods will not work for this specific MRE unless spawned in by SDK kits.

Once the MRE has been spawned in you will see an icon that you can click on to open up the interface for you to select your outfit from.

There is also a trigger option if you click your left wrist with your right trigger button on our controller. If you don’t see your cursor icon change, try moving your hand back a little away from your left wrist when clicking.

Addiction MRE Settings

For the safety settings on the Addiction mre add
/?safety=(the number) at the end of the url.

Example: to block lingerie and swimsuits put in number 3 then restart the MRE.


It will allow everything from number 3 and higher but block 2 and below.

0 = Everything OK
1 = No lingerie or erotic
2 = No swimwear
3 = No sexy dresses
4 = Only fully clothed

For World Builders on AltSpace

You can implement this reflection probe provided by Ryuuzaki.


  • Standard Body Design 55 USD
  • Advanced Body Design 110 USD
  • Standard Hand Design 25 USD
  • Advanced Hand Design 50 USD
  • Standard Head Design 25 USD
  • Advanced Head Design 50 USD
  • Extra color/attachment option 25 USD
  • Expedite Service 55 USD
  • Super Expedite Service 110 USD
  • Add outfit to extra account 25 USD

Terms of service:

The Addiction MRE by Ryuuzaki is a personal wardrobe plugin for AltSpceVR.

Purchases are for the following services:

  • 3D modeling an attachable item for the user’s avatar.
  • Adding this model to my own account inside AltSpaceVR.
  • Running the database that links these items to each user.


The created 3D assets do not belong to the users
the users have no rights to rip, copy, or alter any 3D model made by Ryuuzaki.

Additional Information:

  • AussieGuy92 is not responsible or liable for transactions between third parties. I am providing information regarding the MRE and assisting in the documentation.
  • AussieGuy92 does not profit from the sale of these outfits.

Terms & Conditions

  • Ryuuzaki does not “design” outfits; everything is modelled based on an existing outfit in real life.
  • Ryuuzaki does not claim any copyrights of any design, brand, logo, pattern. These outfits are just my attempt to create a replica of an outfit in real life that does not exist in AltSpaceVR officially. If a brand, designer, the artist enters in AltSpaceVR, that brand, designer, the artist can request the outfits that were based on their brand, design, art to be removed. In such a case, the user who ordered the outfit might change the textures, alter the design, or have another outfit made for half the price of the original one.
  • All the outfits are meant to be unique for a specific user.
  • A user can have multiple outfits
  • No one will be able to see the outfits until the user clicks to put it on.
  • Refunds:

    Every order generates charges for creating an invoice, money transfer and currency conversions by the payment platform about 10% of the payment.
    Cancellations and refunds are set to a maximum of 80% of the original payment.

How to wear the Addiction MRE

Addiction MRE in Altspace