Altspace FaceBook Groups

Altspace has many community-run groups where you can follow user-contributed posts from members within the community as well as find upcoming event information. We don’t endorse other groups from a moderation standpoint but we encourage engagement with the community groups if you are looking to partake in the community further.

Everything Altspace

Moderated by several community members from different groups and diverse in beliefs and opinions in the hope that we bring out the best of the community.

Black Altspacers

A safe space for Black people who love to hang out in AltSpace. You DO NOT have to be black to be in this group.

Altspace VR Freedom of Speech

Moderated by the user ‘The Real Molly’ who hosts several shows on AltspaceVR. Her group is an alternative group that focuses on airing platform drama in a civil way.

AltspaceVR Pals Unleashed

Managed by the user ‘Comfyhoodie’ who contributes to Altspace with templates and kits.