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Altspace Microsoft Account Update & Patches

A Microsoft linked account is now required to be used to login into Altspace. You can still continue to use your alternative e-mail address to login but your account is now subject to the security policies of Microsoft including restricting content based on age for users under 18. For most users, the only change would be having this link required to login. However, it does not impact Web Projector or the Unity Uploader tool as you can still log in using your alternative e-mail address. If you have recently linked your account this should be the previous e-mail address you used.

You can nominate a separate e-mail address that is different to your Outlook address if you wish.

  • There is now a report button available in the ‘Here’ menu in worlds and events.
  • Worlds and events can be marked as mature to prevent underage access. This also allows more ‘adult’ content to be accessible to those who are 18+ without the worries of running a mature room or event.


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June 2, 2022

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