Community Helpers

What are Community Helpers?

In May 2022 Altspace removed the green badge that was associated with Community Helpers, a status that acknowledges the efforts of users who go above and beyond for the platform to promote a safe place for users. There has been debate in recent months about the role of the status and AltspaceVR took the action to remove the user role from the platform. This may not be a permanent change but for the time being, we are a community-owned website to promote the community and highlight the wonderful contributions being made to the platform.

Who can become a Community Helper?

Since the official community helper program has been removed there is no way to obtain a green badge. However, we do acknowledge past and current helpers of the community on this website. It is socially acceptable nowadays to call yourself a Community Helper if you have a deep love and passion for the community.

Anyone can be a Community Helper, it’s not a ‘status’ it’s a way of conducting yourself within the community to help it thrive and to assist users who need help. All you need is a positive attitude, loads of patience and the willingness to help others even at no personal benefit to yourself. In fact, there are other groups of Community Helpers who run their own events as a group and support the community their way. Collectively Community Helpers regardless of affiliation are users who love Altspace and want to see it thrive. As a community-managed website, we form ties with different creators to bring the best of what Altspace has to offer to the one place.

Getting listed with us as a Community Advocate with

You can apply to be listed if you were formerly a Community Helper. If you weren’t there is a stricter and longer vetting process. However, consideration is on a case by case basis and established Community Helpers with long-lasting trust within the community are encouraged to apply.

History of Community Helpers