Published: June 6, 2022

Sherwin founded Sherwin’s Productions in March of 2022 after several major productions he produced. He has been in the metaverse just over a year and has produced some of Altspace’s biggest events, including The Wizard of Alt Musical, The Tonight Show, and others. Sherwin created his own company to share his event knowledge with the rest of the community, as well as introduce new concepts in the metaverse.

Sherwin’s Worlds

- Sherwin's Production Studios -
World Code: AFW870
Built by: CHRIS50
- The Production Lounge -
World Code: TWH859
Built by: CHRIS50
World Code: WLU615
Built by: Stovert
- Chateau Sherwin -
World Code: IXC473
Built by: Artsy!
World Code: KIR136
Built by: AussieGuy92
World Code: UVL809
Built by: DW73
World Code: XNL327
Built by: Elsker
World Code: KUH822
Built by: DW73
World Code: PRO640
Built by: The Sweetist
The Super Museum & Gallery
World Code: DVG140
World Code: MWC694
Built by: Artsy!
Aquaman's Atlantis
World Code: NQG927
Built by: Artsy!

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