Altspace’s Community Helpers


In May 2022 the Community Helper program was ‘paused’ and the green badges were removed. This article is kept here for archive purposes and for new users to understand the role they played for much of Altspace’s history.

Altspace have a team of ‘community helpers’ that help keep the peace across the Altspace network. Because of the size of the network, AltSpace trusted users are required to monitor for unusual activity and escalate it with an admin if needed.

AltSpace Community Helpers are volunteers and not employees of either Altspace or Microsoft.


The Vote to Suspend feature is available, exclusively to AltspaceVR’s Community Helpers. It’s a moderation tool to help keep AltspaceVR welcoming, safe, and mature. Vote-to-Suspend allows Community Helpers to flag anyone who is in violation of our Community Guidelines. Below are the official rules and responsibilities associated with the Vote-to-Suspend ability.

Vote-to-Suspend Rules & Responsibilities:


  • Suspension is only permitted if a user is in violation of AltspaceVR’s Community Guidelines. No other reasons. No exceptions.
  • Underaged users must explicitly identify themselves as being under 13 years of age before you can vote to suspend them.
  • All votes are logged and tracked in our system.
  • You must be willing and able to explain your reasoning for voting to a ban user, if asked to elaborate.


  • Get help from the CST in the Campfire if you meet someone who is particularly difficult and you’re unsure about how best to continue.
  • If you meet someone who might require immediate suspension, seek help from the CST in the Campfire.
  • New people may not always know what’s right and wrong, so please be patient and kind. Remember to always set the example for what being a good AltspaceVR citizen means.
  • Help answer questions to the best of your abilities. If you’re unsure about an answer that’s ok.
  • Anyone with a technical issue or in need of troubleshooting should be encouraged to open a ticket with our support team:


  • You can toggle your Community Helper badge on/off. When you toggle your badge “off”, you’ll also toggle “off” your Vote-to-Suspend ability.
  • The Vote-to-Suspend feature is a pilot program and no guarantees are made to ensure future abilities.

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