AltSpaceVR Official Discord Server


Welcome to the Official AltspaceVR Discord server. Here are some rules and guidelines for joining us:

  • Respect is key. Please be mindful, courteous, and kind to everyone here. The AltspaceVR community is a welcoming place and we want everyone to feel safe and free to enjoy themselves.
  • No NSFW content is allowed. // Private conversations should not happen in public channels. // Posts aimed to instigate, upset, call-out, harass, or discourage others will be removed. // No solicitation or spamming of server members is allowed.
  • Please report any violations to us at
  • All community forums (including Discord) are moderated in accordance with our Community Standards & Terms of Service:
    *Community Standards:
    *Terms of Service:
  • This server is managed primarily by @QforQ . You can DM anytime, but if you need event support, technical help, or a timely response in general, it’s best to submit a ticket to
  • If you have feedback for the AltspaceVR team, you can leave it in the feedback channel under the “Main” category or write to us directly at
  • If you have troubleshooting questions or need technical support, you must open a ticket at (Please don’t tag or DM Admins. We can’t guarantee we’ll see it & we can only follow up with you if you have a ticket number. Thank you!)

-If you’re a developer who is using the MRE SDK to build 3D world extensions for AltspaceVR check out the MRE SDK discord server:

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