AltspaceVR Uploader


Installing the Altspace Uploader

Install the Altspace uploader by going to Window > Package Manager and adding the tarball package. If you are not familiar with how to find the package manager or install the uploader there is a video below. This will install it, once successful you will see a new AltspaceVR option in your top bar.

Completing the installation of the uploader

Once you have added the uploader and are greeted by the new AltspaceVR option, click on it and select either ‘Kits’ or ‘Templates’. If this is your first time installing the uploader to this project it will do a project conversion and manually change your project to URP for you.

If you already have assets in your scene they may appear pink after URP has been enabled. Some assets are not compatible with URP but generally, you can convert most materials by going to:

Edit > Render Pipeline > Universal Render Pipeline > Upgrade Project Materials to Universal RP Materials

You can create a new Universal Render Pipeline lit/unlit material and relocate the texture in the asset folder. Simple assets are easier to fix than others.
Some materials even as basic as a sofa may use non-standard SRP shaders that can’t be converted to URP.

*Note: You may need to repeat the process of converting materials to URP every time you add new non-URP assets to your collection. You may also need to re-create the materials manually. As new assets are created for URP, this will become a less-regular task.


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