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Installing Unity Uploader for AltspaceVR


Install Unity Hub

Unity version 2020.3.18 is the CORRECT version to use with AltspaceVR. If you use another version, your project won’t work.


TIP: Install Unity Hub first and then install the Unity Hub through the auto-installer (linked below) this will shortcut install the specific version you need. Otherwise, you can go to this link.

Install the CORRECT Unity Version

If you are installing via direct Unity Hub you will be prompted to open the link with Unity Hub to auto-install for you. Otherwise, the manual installer for Windows & MacOS is available.

Download the Altspace Uploader

What is Unity? and what is the Altspace Unity Uploader?

What is Unity3D?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, The engine has extended support for a variety of desktop, mobile, console and virtual reality platforms. It is likely you have played several games created in Unity without knowing.

What is the Altspace Unity Uploader?

Simply, it’s an addon that you load into your Unity that connects your Unity project to Altspace for assets, kits and scenes to be processed, bundled and uploaded for use on AltspaceVR.


Altspace requires users to be opted in to the ‘Early Access Program’ and have ‘Worlds Beta’ turned on. You must have a Windows PC or MacOS (Windows recommended) that meets the minimal requirements. The higher-end your PC or laptop device is, the better performance you will have.

TIP: Unity is a resource-intensive software to use at times and it is recommended to invest in buying a Windows PC that has 16GB of Ram, an i5 processor or equivalent with at least 2GB of graphics memory as an entry barrier for a comfortable experience.

Checklist for getting started

Signup to Unity3D (Required for registration) (FREE)

Latest Unity Hub Installed

Unity Version 2020.3.18 Installed

Windows & MacOS & Android Builds enabled in build settings.

Create a new ‘3D’ project and add the AltspaceVR Uploader via Package Manager.

Open either: AltspaceVR > Templates/Kits to convert your project for AltspaceVR.

Video Tutorials

Still stuck?



AltVR Discord

Unity Docs

Unity3D Asset Resources

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