Installing Unity Uploader for AltspaceVR


What is the Altspace Unity Uploader?

Simply, it’s an addon that you load into your Unity that connects your Unity project to Altspace for assets, kits and scenes to be processed, bundled and uploaded for use on the AltspaceVR platform.


Altspace requires Unity world builders to be opted in to the ‘Early Access Program’ and have ‘Worlds Beta’ turned on. You must have a Windows PC or MacOS (Windows recommended) that meets the minimal requirements.

TIP: Unity is a resource-intensive software to use at times and it is recommended to invest in buying a Windows PC that has 16GB of Ram, an i5 processor or equivalent with at least 2GB of graphics memory as an entry barrier for a comfortable experience.

Installing the Altspace Uploader

You will then need to locate where you downloaded the Altspace Unity Uploader on your PC. Typically this would be in your recent downloads folder, depending on how you saved your files. From within Unity browse to the top navigation bar and select:

Window > Package Manager (click on package manager)

In the top left corner of the Package Manager window, there will be a + icon that will open up a drop-down menu (select the next option)

> Add package from tarball

Allow the uploader to be installed, once successful you will see AltspaceVR appear in your top navigational bar in between Tools & Window.

Next Steps: Fixing broken URP pink materials

Installing the Altspace unity uploader integrates a specific version of URP that AltspaceVR is compatible with. The uploader also converts your project from the scriptable render pipeline to the universal render piepleline. During this process non URP assets existing in your project will become invalid and will need to be converted. Depending on shader compatibility, the built-in tool allowing materials to be converted does a reasonable attempt to fix this.

To find out how to fix your pink materials in your project proceed to this next guide.

Video Tutorials

Install tutorial by comfyhoodie

Still stuck?


AltVR Discord

Unity Docs

Unity3D Asset Resources

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