Ben’s Video Player MRE


The above SDK App details can be copied. Please keep in mind that the session ID is generated automatically so you do not need to set it to anything and should auto-fill. If you are new to MRE’s or wanted a more detailed guide read on.


Step 1: Open WorldEditor & Click Basics

World Editor Home

The world editor can be located on your bottom right-hand corner providing you have access to ‘terraformer’ permission. This should be default for the world owner but I also make sure I edit my worlds and grant the terraformer permission to my name because I find that this reduces my menu glitch chance.

Click Basics.

Step 2: Select the SDK button to create an MRE in your current position.

Video Player MRE World Editor Selector

You do not need to worry about the session ID this will be populated for you differently other non video player MRE’s work the same. I have not personally explored what happens when two spaces share the same session keys.

Video Player MRE SDK App

That’s it! Wait for the video player MRE to populate.

Video Player MRE

Common problems with Ben’s Media Player MRE

  • During peak times the video player won’t load at all due to excessive traffic.
  • If someone rejoins the room after the video has started they will have trouble seeing and hearing the player upon rejoining.
  • A lot of users complain that the audio is too high and they can’t talk so if this is the case turn down the roll off which decreases the radius where the sound will begin to fade as you walk away. If you have the volume at 100% and rollover at 20 you are probably there to dance, not talk.
  • Ben’s Video Player MRE often glitches caused by several random reasons that is too complex to explain.

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