Common FAQ for new users


What is AltSpaceVR?

AltspaceVR is the leading platform for live mixed reality experiences. AltspaceVR allows artists, creators, brands, and businesses to easily create their own virtual events. This social app allows people from all over the world to connect and collaborate in real time with a true sense of presence. Expressive avatars, engaging eye contact, spatial sound, and immersive virtual environments allow people to feel like they’re together even when oceans apart. Sitting at the intersection of experience, content, and community, AltspaceVR is the premier place for live concerts, conferences, comedy shows, festivals, tech talks, team meetings, remote collaboration, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned AltspaceVR veteran or a new user, it’s important to have solid resources that you can count on. We’ve compiled the following checkpoints to walk you through bringing your virtual events to the world. You can cover them sequentially, which is what we recommend, or jump around at will if you know what you’re looking for. Either way, you’ll want to revisit this journey whenever you need direction.

What can you do on AltSpaceVR?

  • Browse user-owned worlds, universes and events within the platform. You can also collaborate with other users and help moderate and manage the space. You don’t need to own the world to have permissions or access to that world.
  • Host and attend events – These events are hosted by AltSpace, users, private companies and organisations and everyone in between. Anyone can host an event on AltSpaceVR and it is free to host events and AltSpace will include user events featured in AltSpace’s weekly newsletter.
  • Import your worlds and assets via Unity into AltSpace using the Unity uploader inside Unity to upload your content (no Unity scripts are allowed on AltSpace).
  • Create your own extensions and apps that are accessible on the platform (MRE’s) which you can develop using the SDK.

I don’t have access to worlds, only events

You need to enable Early Access Program and Worlds Beta in your Altspace Menu > Settings > General Tab area.

It’s recommended if you are new to AltspaceVR you follow the onboarding tutorial to make sure you have everything unlocked. Unlike VRChat you can build and create worlds but you need to opt into the program.

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