Creating your first AltspaceVR world


Your first world is your home space

Every AltspaceVR user has a home space which is accessible from the main menu. This was historically the first world you would ever spawn into when entering Altspace. The default home space is only joinable by friends and there is a toggle option to lock the world down in your menu under the ‘Me Tab’.

A small collection of free world templates is available on AltspaceVR.

How to create a new world

  1. Sign into your AltspaceVR account
  2. Ensure Early Access Program and Worlds Beta is turned on.
  3. Browse to ‘My Worlds
    • More > Worlds
  4. Select a universe
  5. Create a world
    • Enter a name
    • Configure world privacy
    • Select a valid template
  6. Create world
    • You will find the world accessible under ‘My Worlds’

World Management

Managing a world for the purpose of a user world or for an event requires setting up a world through the Altspace website in order to manage it.

For event and world management you can have access to the following features:

  • Changing the world template assigned
  • Adding/removing admins (people who can access the world via the website too)
  • Setting user permissions
  • Setting entry greeting message
  • Backup management
  • Manage blocked users
  • View diagnostics
  • Edit name, banner & description.

Modifying your world

You can edit your world to grant permissions, upload a banner, reset, change templates and also manage the blocked users from your world. You can also grant permissions to all users who join such as flight permissions and megaphone access.

Every world might require different access and you can whitelist or give access to other Altspace users who aren’t even your friends.

Video Tutorial

Video by Comfyhoodie

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