Featured Worlds Guidelines


There is no gurantees AltspaceVR will feature your world in the featured tab. It is not a tab that is regularly updated and the demand is high. However, it is worth sending your world in if you think it is exceptional and professional.


Our world-builders want to be able to show off their creations, but building performant and mobile-friendly environments can be a tricky challenge. So, we’re excited to announce all-new world-building guidelines! Clear guidelines will mean that more users will be able to enjoy well-built, beautiful worlds; and world-builders will have a clearer understanding of what it takes to create amazing environments in AltspaceVR. The AltspaceVR team will review all submitted worlds and approve quality content that meets the world-building guidelines. Read the full world-building guidelines below: 

Featured Worlds Guidelines

  1. Must be crash-free and perform well on all AltspaceVR-supported devices. Use diagnostics tool on in your account on our website as a guide.  
  2. Must meet a base quality level and be a valuable addition to the AltspaceVR community.
  3. Must have necessary collision. 
  4. No mature or explicit content which includes:
    1. Strong language.
    2. Images of/references to violence or physical/mental abuse.
    3. Images of/references to sexual content.
    4. Racist, homophobic, misogynistic or other discriminatory content.
    5. Dangerous or criminal content.
  5. No licensed material.  
  6. No teleporters to other spaces.    
  7. If you would like to make updates to an approved world, you must resubmit that world for re-review. Failure to do so may result in blocklisting. (This is primarily to prevent inappropriate content from being added to an approved world.)

Source: https://altvr.com/a-better-beta/#Guidelines

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