Finding Events on AltspaceVR


There are two primary ways of looking for events on AltspaceVR depending on how you are accessing the event listings. When you are on the platform logged in either through the VR app or the 2D version of Altspace you can see what is happening on the platform through your main menu.

Finding Events from your AltspaceVR Menu

The first tab in your menu will be Events where you will get visibility of live, events you may be interested in but mainly events that are listed as Main Events. As there are events that are not marked as Main Events it is always recommended to check the ‘All’ tab in the events.

What is the difference between an event and a main event?

Altspace has a criteria including max world size in MB’s, how many objects etc are in an event space. Large worlds with a large number of users can impact performance. There is an incentive for event hosts to optimise their worlds which in return allows them to be featured in newsletters and additional visibility. As a user, this is important to note as there are often fantastic events that are not ‘Main Events’.

Tip: Click the blue triangle to jump to your AltspaceVR menu.

Tip: Use the tabs at the top to sort your visibility and to find events important to you.

Finding Events via

The secondary way of checking out what is happening on the platform in particular when you are not on the platform is through the AltspaceVR website which you can access on any device with a browser. You can view, RSVP and manage events you are a part of yourself through

AltVR Event Menu Direct Links:

Click the main ‘Events’ link and a sub-menu will appear below with all the options to choose from.

It’s recommended you view by clicking ‘All’ as you will see Main Events and regular events in the one menu. Due to template restrictions, some worthy events of attending on AltSpaceVR don’t appear in the main tab.

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