How to find kits on AltspaceVR


In October 2021 post-URP update, an update was made on the AltVR website to allow for users to create public groups that are searchable. These groups allow the ‘group owner’ to share assets including templates and kits easily. This feature existed prior to this update however you had to be manually added to the group.

Finding kits

Using the group search link: you can search for a kit based on description and name. This feature was only just released as of the time of post so be sure to check back in future months to see if more kits that fit your taste is available.

Leaving the group

If you aren’t interested in seeing the kits/templates or seeing the group you can “Leave the group” this will only remove the accessibility of the objects in your World Editor panel. Leaving the group won’t cause the items to be removed. The only possible exemption is if the kit is “restricted” but for a publicly shared kit that would not be a likely case.

Finding the groups you are a member of

Finding kits shared with you

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