How to remove scripts from Unity Projects for AltSpace


Common Spots where scripts hide in your Unity projects

  • Attached to a ‘PostFX’ or camera object
  • Objects that animate like doors, clocks that won’t function in AltSpace
  • Removed from the scene object but the script still exists in the prefab of the object

Unity Uploader will tell you if you have a script

What to do if you have no scripts but upload is rejected due to contaning scripts?

This was the error that corrupted the baking process and left scripts behind that got picked up by the AltSpace Uploader.

AussieGuy92 documented this case sample where his graphics card ran out of memory to process the scene. This corrupted the light baking however, this corrupt section of the project no doubt uses scripts to process the bake and then deletes itself after finalising the bake. The end result I had was I could upload successfully for Android & Mac but not PC because there were stuck scripts stuck in the project created by Unity itself that didn’t know it was still there.

Using this logic and understanding the trigger I cleared my bake and lightmaps in the lighting panel and rebaked my world entirely and it fixed the problem.

Could update Mac & Android but not PC due to AltSpace thinking there was a script in the manifest for PC version.

Using ProBuilder? Make sure your settings are correct!

Enabled ‘script stripping’ in Edit > Preferences > ProBuilder so that you can keep editing your meshes after you upload to AltSpaceVR. Enabling this will strip the scrips from the uploaded build but not from the project itself.

Removing a script

All you need to do is remove the component. When you think you have deleted them all try re-uploading again and following the troubleshooting steps to locate invalid objects.

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