Oculus Quest 2 AltSpaceVR Controller Settings


Basic controls

Oculus Quest/Quest 2 controls.
Left handRight hand
Left thumbstick – Move/ScrollRight thumbstick – Turn/Scroll
X – ActionA – Action
Y – TeleportB – Teleport
Menu – Open AltspaceVR menuOculus – Open OculusHome
Left grip – grab object with left handRight grip – grab object with right hand
Left trigger – Fire/RunRight trigger – Fire
Click left thumbstick – Reset HMD and Altitude

Hand gestures

Oculus Quest/Quest 2 hand gestures
At restDefault position
Point index fingerGrip button held
Thumbs upGrip & trigger buttons held
FistGrip, trigger, and A/X buttons held

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/altspace-vr/getting-started/oculus-controls

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