Finding Mods for your AltspaceVR Event

Request a Mod/Host in the #Moderators-needed channel on AltVR Discord

Channel link here:

You can link your event with your request for Mods/Hosts and you will usually get a response from volunteers who take pride in making a platform a safe place.

Make friends or network with others

If you are either a business or a consumer looking at hosting their first event it might be worthwhile spending some time attending other events and networking with others. Let them know your intentions and what you are looking for on the platform and usually, someone will point you to someone who can fast-track the onboarding process for you with a bit more experience. Altspace is very much a social platform that relies on forming connections with others to ‘get ahead and have fewer challenges working within a group than alone. Anyone you can befriend or recruit to help your cause will help not only grow your event but already have a team of people to boost the room when the event starts.