How to join Altspace Groups

  1. Navigate to you will need to be signed in to your Altspace account to join and manage the groups.

You can scroll and find multiple groups to join that are created and managed by Altspace users like yourself who want to give back to the community. Some of these groups also have an optional donation link to support the creators.

Some groups are not publicly listed and are ‘private’. To be added to these private groups you need a group admin to add your username. These will be searchable after you are added.

Some groups include MREs

Every group will have a description section allowing the creator to provide additional details. Some creators will include MRE links in their group descriptions, these can be saved to MREs on the AltspaceVR website to spawn them later easily.

Featured Groups

There are plenty of groups to explore on Altspace and some of them are regularly updated by their creators. You can leave groups as you please, allowing you to organise your collection over time based on your unique tastes.