Onboarding for AltspaceVR

If you have already signed up and want to learn the basics of setting up your account and navigating, skip this section.

Video: Downloading & Linking AltspaceVR to your Microsoft Account

This is a guide to help you get up and running with only a few short crucial things required. It’s important you follow this guide if you are new or you may be missing out on worlds that would be invisible for you to find.

After signing in make sure you enable these settings.

AltspaceVR has worlds you can visit but they aren’t unlocked by default. You need to enable Worlds Beta & Early Access Program to be toggled on (green) in your settings.


  • Enable Worlds Beta
  • Enable Early Access Program
  • Customise your avatar
  • Adjust your comfort settings (Some people find the blinders on by default disruptive to the view)
  • Login to AltVr.com and set your display name and username in your profile settings

Depending on your comfort tolerance, also want to consider turning off your ‘Blinders’ to remove the tunnel vision if you choose to have this option off.

Enable ‘Worlds Beta’ & ‘Early Access Program’

Click the Main Menu > Settings > General >

When you enable these settings you will be forced to re-enter the space. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

Next Steps:

Customise Your Avatar

You can customise your avatar to suit your personality. Users will be hesitant to interact with ‘default’ looking avatars.

Create your own world

Change your comfort settings

If you are walking around AltspaceVR and it looks like you have ‘tunnel vision’ you can remove it simply by turning your blinders off in your ‘Comfort’ settings.

Set your username/display name

By default, you will have a randomly generated display name and username. You can login into the Altvr.com website and go to your profile and set your display name and username. You can choose to upload a profile picture here as well.

This website will have unlocked sections to manage worlds you own or manage. Be sure to bookmark the website as it’s a resource you will be going back to.

Explore the official docs

For official documentation, you can always check the official docs site.


Recommended doing the short tutorial that teaches you the basics. Take the time to ensure ‘Worlds Beta’ and ‘Early Access Program’ are turned on. Give your avatar a makeover while you are here.

That’s it! You’re ready to explore! But you may want to take the time to change your avatar and change a few comfort settings to suit your needs. Also become familiar with toggling the microphone on and off.

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