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World Building

Published: June 1, 2022

There are two types of world-building available on AltspaceVR. One way to build worlds is using the built-in world editor panel available to spawn objects into templates shared by groups and other users.

The other way to build worlds is to upload a template via Unity3D and upload using the correct version of Unity with the Altspace Uploader tool. Both ways have pros and cons and both are viable for creating amazing worlds for events and for users to visit to explore.

World Editor & Group Sharing

Templates, kits and MREs can be shared by other creators in Unity3D privately or with the general public via Altspace Groups. You can also support creators through their Patreon pages to receive exclusive access to content shared.

The only requirement is having access to the Altspace website so you can manage and set up your worlds.

Uploading via Unity3D

The process of uploading your own models, worlds, kits and custom content to AltspaceVR. This requires knowledge of Unity3D and a compatible PC that can run Unity3D.

World Management

Managing a world for the purpose of a user world or for an event requires setting up a world through the Altspace website in order to manage it.

For event and world management you can have access to the following features:

  • Changing the world template assigned
  • Adding/removing admins (people who can access the world via the website too)
  • Setting user permissions
  • Setting entry greeting message
  • Backup management
  • Manage blocked users
  • View diagnostics
  • Edit name, banner & description.

World Builder FAQ

Do I need to pay to get kits and templates?

Not unless you want to. There are free groups you can join from the Altspace website that opts you in to receive templates and kits which are free to join. There are private groups that require to be added by the creator themselves which are typically used for Patreon access. You can find access to Altspace groups here.

What if I can’t find the template/kit I am looking for?

You can ask around on the Discord, FaceBook groups and your friends to see if someone may know someone who has something similar. There is a vast majority of assets that aren’t shared publicly or through Patreon and access is based on ‘who-you-know’.

How do I create a new world?

Login to the AltspaceVR website and go to Worlds > Universe (Selected) and manage your spaces inside. You can set permissions and to block users through the website. This functionality is not built-in into the platform and must be done from a browser.

You must be opted into ‘Words Beta’ and ‘Early Access Program’ to create worlds.

An official guide that covers the basics of setting up a world is available here.

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